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How it all started!

Bob Hajvert launched Laughbooth in July of 2013 after experiencing a photo booth at a wedding. Before then, he had only known of photo booths being the small, single seat cramped booths located in malls and arcades. The booth at the wedding was fun, roomy, impressive. and printed on site in seconds! Lots of fun was had that wedding night, and the pictures were taken home to remember forever.

After seeing this digitized photo booth at a wedding, he got the idea to invest and start a photo booth company of his own. That has led to over eight years of attending parties, weddings and corporate events; and helping to document memories for their hosts and guests, alike.

Bob has networked with other photo booth business owners over the years to share ideas, and works often to help them offer a better and more efficient service to their clients. What does this mean for you?  Bob totally kicks butt as a business owner, making sure that his Laughbooth clients get not only the best photos, but the best service too.




Bob, his wife Miki, and Their Two Children (err…Teens now)

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